I'm on a mission, will you join me? - Transforming Toddlerhood

I’m on a mission, will you join me?

What words come to mind when you hear toddlerhood?

Terrible. Trying. Chaos. Threenager. Trouble. Fearsome.

What if that was a myth?

How would your life be different if these words came to mind?

Magic. Wonder. Connection. Excitement. Passion. Learning.

Could these words possibly be connected to toddlerhood?

The answer is yes and I’m here to show you how.

I’m on a mission to dispel the myth that toddlerhood is terrible.

Yes, toddlerhood is full of challenging moments – tantrums, power struggles, screaming, profuse use of the word no.

AND these challenges do NOT make toddlers inherently terrible.

During the first year of life, we get used to having a baby that is largely dependent on us and goes with the flow.

Then, babies turn into toddlers. At around 12-15 months of age, we are blindsided by the immense developmental and behavioral changes from baby to toddlerhood.

Toddlers are all about exploration and experimentation.

They begin by exploring their environment and experimenting with how the environment (and the people who surround them) respond to their actions.

On the outside, we see willful, inflexible and contradictory behavior. On the inside, they are developing a unique sense of self, understanding our expectations of them, making sense of their emotions, and learning how to communicate their wants, needs, and desires in socially acceptable ways.

Toddlers thrive when they feel seen, heard, capable and empowered.

Does this sound familiar? Humans thrive when they feel and seen, heard, capable and empowered – toddlers are humans too.

The developmental needs that drive toddler behavior are completely different than the needs that drive infant behavior.

Caught off guard and feeling utterly unprepared, parenting toddlers can feel confusing, frustrating and overwhelming.

And that’s where all the negativity comes in.

Society has trained us to believe that toddlerhood is terrible. Buying into this myth hurts us as parents/caregivers and does our toddlers an injustice. Why?

Believing that toddlerhood is terrible, directly undermines our ability to effectively parent because what we believe directly impacts what we experience.

If we believe toddlerhood is terrible then everywhere we look we will find evidence that supports our beliefs.

This is the power of perspective.

I believe that toddlers are
  • Little humans with big hearts that experience a full spectrum of emotions
  • Constantly seeking our approval and love
  • Not purposefully trying to be difficult and makes us lose it
  • Impulsive and still learning to regulate their emotions
  • In the middle of a sensitive developmental period as 90% of brain development occurs by the age of 5

And this is why I created Transforming Toddlerhood

After going through my own transformation, I discovered that once we peel back the layers and understand toddler behavior on a deeper level we are able to respond to the needs driving the behavior instead of reacting to the behavior.

Embracing this critical developmental period allows us to find the courage to let go of the familiar and create space, embrace effective, positive and respectful parenting strategies that nurture toddler development and the parent-child relationship.

Great parenting is a learned skill that takes a lot of courage, especially during the toddler years.

By transforming our perspective and our parenting skills we are able to transform toddlerhood.

Join me and I’ll show you how.

Let’s do this together