Everything you need to overcome the challenges of toddlerhood and become the Loving Leader & Guide™ you envision for your child. Learn positive, respectful, developmentally appropriate parenting tools and strategies that are effective in transforming challenging toddler behavior. Become part of a private, supportive community giving you everything you need to learn the tools and implement them!

Toddler Parenting

Starter Kit

The perfect place to start transforming your parenting and your toddler’s behavior. In a 10-part video series, you’ll learn the 10 core aspects of parenting toddlers. Unlock the keys to understanding behavior, creating calm, navigating tantrums, and more––and take away action steps to implement practices and start seeing results asap.



with Devon

Personal, one-on-one support and guidance and from the ICF-certified founder of Transforming Toddlerhood. Create lasting change that will dramatically impact the course of your parenting and your relationship with your children for years to come through a fully customized, supportive program that addresses your specific needs and challenges.


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21 Alternatives
to “Good Job!”

The way you praise your toddler has a direct impact on creating strong, healthy self-esteem. Learn how to give your toddler praise in a way that develops confidence, resilience, and a growth mindset.

10 Simple Strategies for
Ending Power Struggles

Power struggles are one of the biggest challenges of toddlerhood. Learn simple strategies to end the exhausting cycle in a way that creates cooperation and nurtures development without extinguishing your toddler’s spirit.


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