Transform the conversation around the toddler years by dispelling the myth that toddlerhood is terrible while empowering parents to transform their parenting skills to create connection, confidence and joy in the early years.

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I’m Devon Kuntzman,
Leading Toddler Parenting Expert

  • BA in Psychology + Child Development
  • ICF-certified Coach
  • Certified Gentle Sleep Coach
  • Founder of Transforming Toddlerhood
  • Host of the annual Raising Toddler’s Conference
  • Former Director of Imbabazi Foundation, Rwanda

I’ve dedicated my life to empowering exhausted toddler parents to create calm and end power struggles by being the Loving Leader & Guide™ using respectful, developmentally-appropriate tools so they experience confidence and joy in parenting.



Taking care of kids was always my passion. As a child, I watched Mary Poppins more than I care to admit. I dreamt of being a nanny. I modeled my education around it. And I became one. I worked for some of the highest-profile families in the world. I ran an orphanage in Rwanda. All up, I’ve helped raise more than 100 kids on 3 continents.

That’s not to say I haven’t struggled.

About halfway through my nannying career, I noticed a disparity between how parents and caregivers were perceiving their toddlers’ behavior and what their toddlers were actually trying to communicate. And I noticed this because––drumroll––I was doing the same thing. I realized I had labeled my kids’ behavior as a representation of my success. Every tantrum, every power struggle, every “bad” behavior was a mark of failure. One day, while on the floor with a toddler having a meltdown duet, I had my a-ha moment. Even with my degree, my experience, and all of my knowledge in child development, I had prioritized behavior over relationship.

Spoiler alert: That does not work.

I needed to reframe my perspective, disarm my triggers, and base my actions off of development and relationship. Boom. I was understanding toddler communication more clearly, recognizing the needs that drive behavior, and creating behavioral transformation through connection. After seeing the success that this approach brought me over the years, I decided to bring together my other passions of coaching, and service. I created Transforming Toddlerhood to help parents and caregivers overcome behavioral challenges, create stronger connections, and ultimately experience the magic of the toddler years.

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