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This membership is designed to support you in learning positive, respectful, developmentally appropriate parenting tools so you can overcome all the challenges of toddlerhood by having a toolbox of effective strategies.



  • Understand your child’s development and how it impacts their behavior
  • Set realistic expectations for your toddler and their behavior
    use positive and effective parenting tools that nurture your child’s development
  • Avoid parenting tools that work against your toddler’s behavior.
    Feels confident in navigating the most challenging toddler behavior
  • Embrace and navigate big emotions even when you want to explode
  • End power struggles and create cooperation with your child
  • Embrace positive discipline so you solve behavior challenges without harsh punishment.
  • Have more fun with your toddler



Unlimited access to effective, developmentally appropriate,
respectful parenting tools and guidance through:

Videos teaching you effective parenting tools as well as which tools you should avoid and why.
Live Q&A calls plus access to a supportive private community to get your specific questions about your unique child answered.
Parenting scripts to help you learn exactly what to say (and what not to say) when implementing parenting tools and navigating challenging behavior.
Workbooks with reflection questions and clear action steps to help you implement what you learn.

PLUS access to every Transforming Toddlerhood workshop (past & present for free)
and access to a video library addressing common behavior challenges and the foundation of parenting toddlers.