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In the Parenting Academy, we address the spectrum of toddler parenting struggles while supporting you along your journey to becoming the Loving Leader and Guide™.



  • Understand your child’s development and behavior
  • Embrace and navigate big emotions (theirs and yours)
  • End power struggles and create cooperation
  • Embrace positive parenting and discipline without punishment
  • Drop the pursuit of perfection and create realistic expectations
  • Stop yelling and create calm
  • Define and create confidence in your parenting role
  • Identify and embody your parenting values
  • Have more fun with your toddler




Unlimited access to effective, developmentally appropriate,
respectful parenting tools and guidance through:

Parenting workshops for your most pressing challenges
Live Q&As and other ongoing support to get your specific questions answered
Checklists to keep effective tools at your fingertips, so you can implement them with ease
A supportive community within a private Facebook group

and lots of surprise bonuses along the way.