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The toddler years can be challenging. But they don’t have to be this hard. Here, you’ll find practical, ready-for-action strategies to navigate toddlerhood.





(it's not as terrible as you think)

Terrible twos. Threenagers. Adorable dictators. The challenges of this stage have resulted in some colorful characterizations. But in reality, behaviors often labeled “bad” are actually a normal and important part of this critical developmental period.

If we understand this development, we can better navigate (and influence) the behavior that comes with it.

90% of a child's brain develops by age 5.
Their neural connections are being made at a rate of a million per second. No wonder they need naps.
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Toddlers are built to try everything (including your patience).
Toddlers are physiologically driven to explore, experimenting with the world around them and testing boundaries, capabilities, and reactions to their actions.
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They’re developing sense-of-self.
Toddlers become aware that they are individuals. Which means they are separate from their parents. This is where many power struggles are born.
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Emotional health starts here.
Toddlers are experiencing big emotions. It is vitally important that they are taught to create a healthy relationship with their feelings, so they can grow to be resilient.
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So does your relationship.
Parent-child interactions during the toddler years set the foundation for those relationships for years to come.
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Are you more likely to listen and cooperate if you feel like you can control the outcome and have more than one choice?

If your answer was YES! then I have something to tell you...toddlers feel the same way! They are more likely to cooperate if they feel like they have at least some control and when it comes to settings limits, that is a choice between two options within YOUR boundaries. But that’s not always possible and sometimes it can backfire when you do give them, so you have two options when it does:

💥Option 1 in the video above (for when you have the time) will appeal to your toddler’s developmental drive by giving them a sense of control within your boundaries. This way gets you out of the power struggle and allows you to move forward. It’s not likely to cause a tantrum or meltdown.

💥Option 2 (for when you are in a hurry) is making the decision for your child which takes away their sense of control and will likely result in big feelings that could lead to big behaviors like a tantrum or screaming. This isn’t bad or wrong. Sometimes we just need to move forward but be prepared to take the time to support your child with their big feelings.

Remember: “What’s your idea?” can work even if your toddler isn’t speaking yet, as children develop receptive language before expressive language. So your little one might be able to point to their idea or what they want.

Practicing these skills allows you to take the pressure off of yourself for always having to know the answer and gets your child involved in the problem-solving process.

What do you do when giving a choice to follow through on a limit backfires?

🌟The Setting Limits With Confidence Workshop is designed to transform your relationship with setting limits so you can be effective and feel confident and ease some of the struggles of toddlerhood! It’s available at the 🔗 in bio.🌟

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Are you struggling with challenging toddler behavior a little more lately?

Here’s the thing, your toddler is operating in the only space they know how and trust me, they didn’t wake up and say “how can I make this day extra challenging?”. Although it may seem that way, it’s never your toddler’s intention to cause chaos or push your buttons. It’s a simple fact that your toddler’s not fully in control of his emotions, actions, reactions, and impulses.

When a parent or caregiver can remember that “naughty” behaviors are typical, and that they are a toddler’s communication tool that is dictated by their feelings, needs and level of brain maturation, that creates an internal shift of how we relate to toddler behavior. That’s the first step in navigating these challenging behaviors.

So next time your toddler’s behavior is frustrating you, take a step back and get curious (WITHOUT shame, guilt, or punishment):
💁🏽‍♀️ What is your toddler trying to say with their behavior?
💁🏻‍♂️ What is the feeling or need behind the behavior?

Remember it’s possible to address your child’s needs and emotions while setting limits and teaching skills. This is the recipe for SUCCESS when it comes to parenting a toddler. It requires patience and practice and being on the same team as your toddler. Tag a parent or caregiver that is practicing!

💫 Have you heard about the Effective Toddler Discipline Workshop?! If you want to learn how your toddler’s development impacts their behavior and find the key to getting your toddler to cooperate and listen, click the link in my bio to register for it now! 💫

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