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The toddler years can be challenging. But they don’t have to be this hard. Here, you’ll find practical, ready-for-action strategies to navigate toddlerhood.





(it's not as terrible as you think)

Terrible twos. Threenagers. Adorable dictators. The challenges of this stage have resulted in some colorful characterizations. But in reality, behaviors often labeled “bad” are actually a normal and important part of this critical developmental period.

If we understand this development, we can better navigate (and influence) the behavior that comes with it.

90% of a child's brain develops by age 5.
Their neural connections are being made at a rate of a million per second. No wonder they need naps.
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Toddlers are built to try everything (including your patience).
Toddlers are physiologically driven to explore, experimenting with the world around them and testing boundaries, capabilities, and reactions to their actions.
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They’re developing sense-of-self.
Toddlers become aware that they are individuals. Which means they are separate from their parents. This is where many power struggles are born.
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Emotional health starts here.
Toddlers are experiencing big emotions. It is vitally important that they are taught to create a healthy relationship with their feelings, so they can grow to be resilient.
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So does your relationship.
Parent-child interactions during the toddler years set the foundation for those relationships for years to come.
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I'm Devon.

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I’m a ICF certified coach and the Founder of Transforming Toddlerhood. I’m passionate about empowering toddler parents to transform their frustration, fear and self-doubt into confidence so they can overcome behavioral challenges, experience joy and create a parent-child relationship that lasts a lifetime through connection.

Today, we’re a community of more than 100,000 parents and caregivers from around the world.

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Parenting is not only physically hard, it’s also mentally and emotionally taxing. Young children are hardwired to be endlessly curious and test their (our) boundaries. It’s not just you, this IS really hard! Not to mention, each parent’s journey is unique to only them. That notion can feel isolating or freeing, depending on the lens you look through.

Parenting is rarely what you expected it to look like and you're faced with challenges that no one can prepare you for, especially in toddlerhood!

Setting limits and following through, co-regulating emotions, effective discipline, co-parenting, siblings, hitting/biting/throwing, sleep patterns, communicating needs and wants, the list is endless! 😅

✨Sometimes, it's okay to play hookey and spend the day with your LO.
✨Sometimes, we just need that human touch and physical connection with the person who loves us unconditionally to get us through the day.

So I hope you know that you deserve to rest. Your dishes and laundry and work piling up does not define a productive day. You are a good parent and you are worthy of rest and snuggles with your little one.

Tag a friend who could use this little reminder as well. ❣️

If you've been here for a while, you know that I have a whole arsenal of helpful tools for parents and caregivers. If you're new around here, WELCOME! I invite you to go to the link in my bio and take a moment to read through some of my favorite tools to tackle toddlerhood.
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If you have any questions about one or ALL of these helpful, positive parenting tools, my DMs are always open!

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When I think of toddlers, I picture infectious giggles, wild tantrums, crazy energy, adorable smiles, unending curiosity, BIG emotions, and hearts that are overflowing with love.

I also think of the struggle to get anything done when a toddler is at home and in full play-mode, ready to turn your neatly folded piles of laundry into erupting volcanoes...a dirt pile you just swept up into a monster truck ramp...and the pot of spaghetti you just made into the doll's new hairdo. 🙃

Parenthood isn't easy and toddlerhood is full of it twists and turns but we when we remember how fast this period of time goes by, it helps to just sit back and laugh at the situation at hand (when we can!). This is a JOURNEY and these tiny humans put us on a roller coaster ride of emotions but we can't imagine a life without them. Cleaning, on the other hand, we can imagine without them. 🙃

Here’s hoping your weekend is full of sunshine, fun adventures, toddler giggles, and some much-needed parental downtime!

Tag a FRIEND who can relate and tell me which one of these you'd choose! A, B, C, or D👇

🌟 If you're at a loss for where to begin on your positive parenting journey or need support through the challenges of toddlerhood, I invite you to check out the Toddler Parenting Starter Kit at the link in my bio!🌟
How often do you get wrapped up in unrealistic expectations in your life? What about in your parenting?

When we set expectations for ourselves, in any area of our lives, what happens when we don't live up to them or when someone/something falls short? We get down on ourselves, are filled with negativity, and feel like we failed. Right?

What happens when we go into a situation with an open mind, a positive attitude, and realistic expectations? We are usually pleasantly surprised with the outcome, can enjoy the journey, and see the situation for what it is.

So let's apply this to parenting a toddler...

You read all the books, you asked all the right questions, and you formulated an idea of the "perfect toddler" in your mind. But when your tiny human starts to develop his own personality and doesn't live up to those expectations you set, you suddenly start to question your parenting or your toddler's behavior in general.🤯

The first thing to remember is that perfection doesn't exist. 🙅‍♀️
The second is to understand that toddlers aren't meant to "behave", they're meant to explore their surroundings, test boundaries, discover how things work and what they like/dislike, and learn how to be their own person.

Your role is to be their Loving Leader and Guide™, to be on their team, to practice the patience you hope to teach your toddler and to set realistic goals that you can work towards and accomplish together.

What were/are your expectations for your toddler vs your reality? Do you find yourself comparing one sibling to another? Or your toddler to someone else's toddler?
I just wanted to make that point first above all else. Parenting and being a caregiver to a toddler isn’t easy for anyone, no matter what social media shows you, or what your friends might share. I know at times parenting can feel isolating and the only thing you might hear or see is the “good stuff” from your friends and family. Not everyone is comfortable sharing their daily struggles.

Don’t let that fool you into thinking that your child is the only one who fights the nap, or has tantrums, or throws their plate of food onto the ground. Those are all normal behaviors for kids in the toddler years!

→If they don't want to play alone right now, they might just want some extra attention from Mom or Dad. Or they might not be interested in the activity they have in front of them for independent play.

→If they refuse to eat a meal, don't take it personally. They might be experimenting with their senses and see a green thing on their plate that suddenly they don't like or smell something that they think is yucky. 🙃

→If they cling to you, they may be experiencing some extra big emotions and need some more snuggle time to feel safe and secure!

There’s a feeling or a need behind each behavior. ⬇️ None of it makes your child bad or you a bad parent! Tag a parent or caregiver that would appreciate this reminder!

Whatever you have been feeling about your own parenting, I invite you to release it. No one is perfect, no child is without challenges at times. Instead remind yourself of what you might remind your best friend, “you’re doing your best.” Remember every moment is an opportunity to learn and grow. Focus on love and connection, everything will grow upon that.💕

Do you agree? Tell me below! 
What are you struggling most with in the toddler years?

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