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The toddler years can be challenging. But they don’t have to be this hard. Here, you’ll find practical, ready-for-action strategies to navigate toddlerhood.





(it's not as terrible as you think)

Terrible twos. Threenagers. Adorable dictators. The challenges of this stage have resulted in some colorful characterizations. But in reality, behaviors often labeled “bad” are actually a normal and important part of this critical developmental period.

If we understand this development, we can better navigate (and influence) the behavior that comes with it.

90% of a child's brain develops by age 5.
Their neural connections are being made at a rate of a million per second. No wonder they need naps.
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Toddlers are built to try everything (including your patience).
Toddlers are physiologically driven to explore, experimenting with the world around them and testing boundaries, capabilities, and reactions to their actions.
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They’re developing sense-of-self.
Toddlers become aware that they are individuals. Which means they are separate from their parents. This is where many power struggles are born.
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Emotional health starts here.
Toddlers are experiencing big emotions. It is vitally important that they are taught to create a healthy relationship with their feelings, so they can grow to be resilient.
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So does your relationship.
Parent-child interactions during the toddler years set the foundation for those relationships for years to come.
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🌟One of the most disempowering traps we can fall into with setting limits is waiting for a child to comply instead of taking the lead and moving forward. 🌟

But what does that look like?

Here’s an example of what you can do instead of waiting for your child to comply ➡️ It’s time to leave the house and your child doesn’t want to go...let your child know it’s time to leave and then put on your shoes and coat and go put your things in the car.


It’s time to brush teeth...Go to the bathroom, turn on a fun song and start brushing your own teeth.

Being a limit setter is not always easy or fun. (Shocker, right?)
We want our toddlers to explore, show their own unique personality, and learn for themselves but it’s our job is to draw the line at the point where things become unsafe or cross an important boundary.

And by waiting for the child to comply in a situation like the one above, we are giving her the option to think about whether or not this is a limit she wants to test or question or perhaps ignore entirely. We aren’t showing her that we are consistent in getting the results that we want after the limit is set.

That’s why I invite you to help support your child while setting these limits and show her that you’re setting them because you’re on her team, not because you want to control her.

Do you struggle with setting limits and following through?

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You know how it goes...

Your toddler can climb like a ninja when they want the Thanksgiving cookies you hid on top of the cabinet but when they want their toy that's on the floor right next to them suddenly it's miles away and need your help. 🙃😅

📸 @momsandcrafters 

We can't help but to love their adventurous minds! And remember, they are a reflection of you! (but if you want to credit that trait to other parent, I won't tell! 😋)

Tell me something your toddler does that triggers an eye roll, a belly laugh, or a "wow, I'm a little scared but truly impressed" reaction...especially during holiday prep! share it in the comments below and tag a toddler parent!

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From ages 1-5 your child’s brain 🧠 is going through a massive amount of growth.

When a child is feeling emotionally or sensorily overwhelmed they lose control of their words and actions as they drop down into their lower brain, or emotional brain, which is when toddlers go into survival mode.

They’ll show their emotions with their mouths 🗣(scream or bite), their hands 🤜 (hitting or throwing), and their bodies 😡 (throwing themselves on the floor).

Remember, tantrums are an emotional release.

Toddlers need to fall to pieces to learn how to regulate their emotions. The best thing you can do for your child is to stay grounded, be warm and responsive while also holding limits, and share your calm so you can get through this together, also known as co-regulation!

It’s also important to hold and follow through on limits even when a tantrum happens in a kind yet firm way as you hold space for your child’s emotions.

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Fact: Discipline is often confused with punishment. 💔

Here’s what you should keep in mind when deciding how to discipline your toddler:
→When in the middle of a stress response, toddlers can’t regulate their behavior if they are in the downstairs brain. Toddlers need an adult to help them move to the upstairs brain (which is responsible for impulse control and regulation) where they feel safe and secure and can learn.

→When a child is scared, they aren’t able to learn skills so a better way to achieve influence and cooperation is to address the feeling, emotion or need underneath the behavior. As well as teaching your toddler skills that support their growth and development WITHIN YOUR BOUNDARIES.

💭I like to think of discipline as a way to create cooperation through connection by nurturing your child’s development and building the foundation of a parent-child relationship that lasts a lifetime. Not punishing a child for their inability to meet our expectations.

Remember, the part of the brain responsible for impulse control is very underdeveloped in toddlerhood. So we need to teach the skills they need to be able to put them in charge of their own behavior in the future. Shame, blame, guilt, and fear are not effective ways to change behavior.

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