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The toddler years can be challenging. But they don’t have to be this hard. Here, you’ll find practical, ready-for-action strategies to navigate toddlerhood.





(it's not as terrible as you think)

Terrible twos. Threenagers. Adorable dictators. The challenges of this stage have resulted in some colorful characterizations. But in reality, behaviors often labeled “bad” are actually a normal and important part of this critical developmental period.

If we understand this development, we can better navigate (and influence) the behavior that comes with it.

90% of a child's brain develops by age 5.
Their neural connections are being made at a rate of a million per second. No wonder they need naps.
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Toddlers are built to try everything (including your patience).
Toddlers are physiologically driven to explore, experimenting with the world around them and testing boundaries, capabilities, and reactions to their actions.
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They’re developing sense-of-self.
Toddlers become aware that they are individuals. Which means they are separate from their parents. This is where many power struggles are born.
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Emotional health starts here.
Toddlers are experiencing big emotions. It is vitally important that they are taught to create a healthy relationship with their feelings, so they can grow to be resilient.
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So does your relationship.
Parent-child interactions during the toddler years set the foundation for those relationships for years to come.
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Have you been triggered by a friend or relative who DOESN'T have any kids saying, "Aren't you loving all this new found free time?" in that last year and a half?

I feel like so many parents and caregivers can relate!

→ Without kids, staying home all day every day and even working from home seems like the dream. You can stay in sweats, work from your laptop on the couch with the tv on in the background, and order takeout twice a day.

→ With kids, staying home looks a little different. Okay, a LOT different! The house is a mess all day every day because the kids wreak havoc trying to find something fun to do, you're trying to work on your laptop while siblings are fighting and toddlers are demanding your undivided attention in the background, and you're so stir crazy and stressed by the end of the day that you whip up some waffles for dinner in front of the tv (possibly more than once a week).

Can you relate?

This past year (and then some) has been a challenge, more than the normal challenges of parenthood and more specifically the toddler years, and sometimes we need a reminder that we are doing our best, we are a good parent, and we can overcome these challenges.

So here's a shoutout to all of the❣️ single parents, ❣️ working parents, ❣️ work from home parents, ❣️ parents of multiples, ❣️ parents who live far away from their family,❣️and all of the parents and caregivers who feel underappreciated. Even in the best of times, we can all feel like we're not doing good enough or like we don't know what we're doing at all.

You are seen. 
You are heard.
You are loved. 

TAG A FRIEND or co-parent who needs this reminder and tell me in the comments below, what has been your biggest struggle with having so much extra "free time" at home?👇

Illustration from @motherhoodunderstood
Tell us that you have a toddler without saying "I have a toddler"! 

Toddlerhood is this magical, wonderful, terrifying time in every parent's life and sometimes you just don't know what to do with them! 🤣

Give them space and offer them comfort when they're having a tantrum? (✔️)
Let them eat rice crispies treats for dinner because that's the only way to get them to stop crying? (🤷🏽‍♀️)
Put them in time-out because they yelled at you and told you no? (👎🏼)
Take away their toy after they throw it at you? (❌)

There's no handbook when it comes to toddlerhood because each and every child is different and special in their own way. What works for one family might not work for another, and that's okay! Some children may take longer to warm up than others. Some may eat their veggies while others refuse anything green. Some may have been potty trained by age 2.5 and some might still be working on it at 4.5🚽. Some may have an easier time adjusting to positive parenting approaches and some may take longer to transition. That's normal. Just like with anything in life, practice makes progress and it's how we overcome the challenges along the journey that makes the difference. Even small wins are wins! Take it day by day and don't get down on yourself if one day wasn't a positive experience. 


🌟Have you been to that link in my bio lately? I have a number of tools to help parents and caregivers navigate the challenges of toddlerhood because no one is expected to know everything or to be able to do it alone. You'll find resources like the Effective Toddler Discipline and Setting Limits with Confidence Workshops, as well as the Toddler Parenting Starter Kit and freebie downloads!🌟

Now, tell us which one relates to you (A, B, C, D)! And tell us that you have a toddler without saying "I have a toddler" in your own words in the comments!
This weird stage is called _________.

What would you use to fill in the blank?!

It's that stage of parenthood where your sweet little baby is starting to become his own person, have big feelings about things you never expected, act more like you than you thought possible, and throw the world's biggest tantrums.

It's that feeling of wanting space from your toddler but wanting to squeeze her and never let her go, all at the same time. Wanting this stage of toddlerhood to fly by and skip over the tantrums, power struggles, and strong opinions but wanting time to stop completely and bottle them up just as they are.

Parenthood is anything but easy and it's certainly not straightforward. All we can do is our best and that is enough for our child. Be confident in your decisions because you know your child best.

Comment below and tell me ONE WORD you'd use to describe this stage of parenthood! Let's see if your answer is the same as someone else's and let's support each other through it!

🌟If you're looking for parenting tools and extra support to overcome the challenges of toddlerhood, I invite you to look at the Toddler Parenting Starter Kit at the link in my bio! You don't have to do this alone and no one expects you to figure it all out by yourself. 🌟

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