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The toddler years can be challenging. But they don’t have to be this hard. Here, you’ll find practical, ready-for-action strategies to navigate toddlerhood.





(it's not as terrible as you think)

Terrible twos. Threenagers. Adorable dictators. The challenges of this stage have resulted in some colorful characterizations. But in reality, behaviors often labeled “bad” are actually a normal and important part of this critical developmental period.

If we understand this development, we can better navigate (and influence) the behavior that comes with it.

90% of a child's brain develops by age 5.
Their neural connections are being made at a rate of a million per second. No wonder they need naps.
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Toddlers are built to try everything (including your patience).
Toddlers are physiologically driven to explore, experimenting with the world around them and testing boundaries, capabilities, and reactions to their actions.
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They’re developing sense-of-self.
Toddlers become aware that they are individuals. Which means they are separate from their parents. This is where many power struggles are born.
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Emotional health starts here.
Toddlers are experiencing big emotions. It is vitally important that they are taught to create a healthy relationship with their feelings, so they can grow to be resilient.
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So does your relationship.
Parent-child interactions during the toddler years set the foundation for those relationships for years to come.
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Have you ever used connection to diffuse a power struggle?
This works in so many situations when we are willing to slow down and really be present for a child and put ourselves in their shoes. It won’t work for everything but you will be surprised at how often it can. ❤️
Regardless, it’s a great starting point to resolve almost any behavior challenge!
So before you follow through on the limit, be sure you haven't skipped over creating connection with your little one and that you have tried to meet their needs within your boundaries. This creates that connection by showing them that you see and understand that it's difficult to turn the TV off and go upstairs for a bath and you want to help them do it.
➡️ "Its looks like you are having trouble turning off the iPad. Mommy will do it this time." Then turn it off.
You can also end a power struggle by telling your child the next time they can watch it so they have something to look forward to.
Do you find yourself in more screen time power struggles than you'd like to be? Tell me in the comments below!
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Did you know? Power struggles happen when you and your toddler are both fighting for control and trying to dominate the relationship in some way. At their essence, power struggles are a battle of wills. 🤜💥🤛

Here's an example: Say “When you brush your teeth then we can read stories.” Then leave the bathroom. If your child follows you, then say “looks like you are ready to read stories and your teeth still need brushing. Let’s go brush them.” and walk your child back to the bathroom.

You can also try, “Do you want to go first or do you want me to?” If your toddler still refuses, start the process over again and leave.

Your toddler might test this limit and you may have to repeat the process a few times but once they see you are serious because you keep following through on holding the limit, they will follow through as well!

But remember, in a power struggle our rational mind gets hijacked by a stress response and then we go into survival mode. In survival mode, we
often unconsciously fight to be the winner because of course being the winner means surviving! It’s developmentally appropriate for your toddler to seek control in a situation so when this happens, they’re not being bad or misbehaving but simply following their developmental drive. Just as you are following your drive to set limits and hold them as the parent.

What's your biggest challenge when it comes to power struggles? Tell me in the comments and tag a parent who needs to see this too!

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